Your container will be run with the commands listed at the bottom of the Methods page.

What to include with your submission:

  • a ready-to-use Docker container with your method, renamed to wmhchallenge/[TEAM-NAME]
  • the command to execute in your container that will start the processing
  • a brief description of the method (1-2 pages)
  • expected runtime on CPU (or GPU, please contact us in advance if you want to use a GPU)

Sent these four items by email to: If your container is too large to be sent by email, use a large file transfer service (e.g. WeTransfer, up to 2 GB). We can also sent you a voucher for our large file transfer service (up to 500 GB) in advance.

Methods submitted for evaluation in this challenge will only be used by the organizers for this challenge.

After submission

Your container will be checked by the organizers and run on training subject 0 as a test. The results of this will be sent to you, to confirm that your container is working. Submissions are processed regularly, but might take a few days / two weeks. After that, the results will be published on this website and emailed to you.

Docker container

Use docker tag to name your image wmhchallenge/[TEAM-NAME]. Next, use docker save -o [TEAM-NAME].tar wmhchallenge/[TEAM-NAME] to save your ready-to-use image in a tar archive. Optionally, compress the tar archive.

The command

Your container will be tested using the commands listed at the bottom of the Methods page. Specifically, we will run your container in the background (using docker run -d) and then use docker exec [YOUR-COMMAND] to start your method.

Please test this in advance on your own system.

Brief description

Include a brief description of your method as a PDF document of 1-2 pages. This document should focus on the method itself and does not need an introduction, results, or discussion section.