Instructions on how to submit your method for evaluation will follow shortly.

What to include with your submission:

  • a ready-to-use Docker container with your method
  • the command to execute in your container that will start the processing
  • a brief description of the method (1-2 pages)
  • expected runtime on CPU (or GPU, please contact us in advance if you want to use a GPU)

Methods submitted for evaluation in this challenge will only be used by the organizers for this challenge.

LNCS proceedings

Optionally, for participants who would like that, the description of the method can be extended to an 8-12 page manuscript after the challenge. This manuscript will be published in the LNCS post-proceedings of the joint BrainLes workshop (a collaboration between BrainLes, BraTS, and the WMH Segmentation Challenge).

Submit your brief description, before the deadline, via the CMT submission system and select the WMH track.

After the conference, the description of your method should be extended to a 8-12 page manuscript, including the evaluation and results of your method. The results will be kept secret until the conference, but then be announced and published on this website. Your manuscript will undergo (light) peer-review for correctness and completeness.